About us

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Hi my name is Suzy Shannon and I am the proud owner of Pawz n Play. I believe in, engaged and responsible dog guardianship.

The key to cultivating a rewarding relationship between you and your dog is providing healthy mental and physical stimulation and lots of positive opportunities for socializing.

The first step to solving most behavioural issues lies in proper exercise and stimulation. “A tired dog is a good dog”

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Pet Sitting in your home

Let us care for your pet while you are away, where they feel the happiest. Your Home!

Pet sitting for dogs includes a walk when we arrive, play time, feedings and refreshing water, giving meds (if needed),cleaning up after your dog, potty break before bed and of course regular updates with pics included.

Pet sitting for cats include fresh water and food, daily litter box cleaning, pics sent of your pet, play time and as much pets and cuddles as your cat(s) desire.


Doggy Play Group

This service is not just stroll in the concrete jungle or a neighbourhood backyard, its a stimulating adventure.  On a group walk, your dog will visit a trail,  or local park with 5 other dogs.  On a group walk we never miss a opportunity to work with our dogs by reinforcing good recall and good manners.  Only socialized, dog friendly dogs are taken on our group walks ,until we’re confident on your dogs recall, he/she will be walked on lead or taken to our local dog park.

Private or Group Dog Walks and Puppy visits

Whether it be one on one with your dog in our private walks, or a group walk with other dogs that are compatible with your pet. We will ensure that he/she will come home happier and looking forward to their next walk with us.

The puppy visits are for pups that are too young to “hold it” and too young for walks away from their home. With very young pups, two visits/day is recommended  for those who work the usual nine-to-five. The first visit is a quick potty break and lunch, and the second visit includes a potty break with lots of play time. On our visit we work on lots of positive training and update you afterwards with details about our visit and  a cute pic of your fur baby.

Boarding for Dogs in my home

Book a vacation for your dog while you’re away. Pet sitting includes two walks a day, companionship and lots of love in our cozy home. Pet sitting  is available to the dogs who are fortunate enough to enjoy our weekly play groups.

Pet Sitting for Cats

While you are away your furry family member would be well taken care of with lots of love and affection. We keep the litter clean and make sure that they have fresh food and water. We also are knowledgable administering any medications if needed. At the end of every visit we provide a daily report with a pic or video of your pet.